Solar solution project Systems Engineering and Analysis

This was a project I did together with a few classmates for the course Systems Engineering and Analysis.

  • ProblemThe reversable counter for electricity is slowly dissapearing, which is a problem for solar panels owners. Me and my team had to come up with a solution!
  • MissionBecause the reversable counter is dissapearing, you're going to have to register the excess energy that you generate. If your solar panels generate less energy than usual, you're going to have to buy it back at a certain rate, we want to we want to avoid this as much as possible. There was need to for a feature to monitor the generated enery as well.

The team

My team consisted of 4 very enthusiastic students. Me, Michiel Janssens, Tim Verbecque and last but not least, Hanne Verschueren.
  • JM2Our team name was JM2. Jochen Marien was our client for this project, our decisions were communication with him and we occasionally held presentations to further discuss things about the project and the state of it. Tim and Michiel are also Cloud and Cybersecurity students but Hanne is studying IoT which came in very handy.

The setup

Eventually, we got everything to work together and rounded up a successful project. Here is a list of the used components.
  • NotificationsPush notifications
  • WeatherSolcast
  • ControllerEsp 32 Huzzah
  • WebserverNginx
  • MeasuringSDM120DB
  • InterfaceA website.
  • Wall outletSonoff
  • DatabasemySQL

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