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In this project we are going to set up an online hosting service on the ITF data center of Thomas More Geel. This is still a work in progress.

  • MissionWith our online hosting service, students of the second and third year APP/AI should be able to host their PHP project/website on our website.
  • ResultsFinal documentation (in Dutch)







Apache / The user interface is a php page where the customer can create an account, log in and create a domain from which he can select the desired php version can select.


Docker / For each website, we have two docker containers running on our docker host. These two containers are loadbalanced by a Haproxy container which also sends requests to the appropriate website cluster.

5Configuration Management

Puppet / If we change the configuration on multiple devices we are not going to connect to each device and then enter the change manually. The change in the configuration is synchronized through a configuration server (Puppetmaster).


Zabbix / With this monitoring tool we have a good overview of all devices and all websites and we can quickly intervene if necessary.

7File Transfer

FileZilla (SFTP) / Each user will be given login credentials to access the Web server's file storage. This access will be over the SSL secured SFTP protocol, which is SSH-based.

8Database Managing

Phpmyadmin / Each user has a SQL container which is accessible the address db.bakkerdruyts.teamccs1.be. Then the user can login with username and as password usernameassword. This is a default password that the user must change immediately.


Rclone / If a user accidentally deletes their files or the data center is down. Then we can quickly set up all the files and devices back up thanks to our backups in the Cloud. We backup all users files and all configuration of our systems to the Cloud so that at any time we have a backup of all files and can restore them when needed.


How is our system secured? We have applied multiple layers of security applied to make our system as secure as possible. We have implemented a password policy that ensures users and IT staff must use passwords of at least 10 characters. We have also ensured that all users can only access their folder structure and only have permissions to their files. Next, we also secured our various devices by securing the Operating System as secure as possible using 5 topics/tools. For example, here we use Host firewall rules, fail2ban, banner, ...

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