Mining Assistent 2016-

Because each mining rig is custom made, each customer's needs are of course different.

  • Favorite OSHive OS, a modified version of the Ubutu Linux distro.Favorite GPU'sAMD RX 5700XT


First calculation1

After the first contact moment for buying a mining rig, we will look together what kind of mining rig fits your budget.

Ordering the components2

Hardware includes the frame, motherboard, processor, memory, power supply, cooling for the rig, frame, ...

GPU Hunting3

These cards will be purchased on retail basis (If we get lucky) or second hand. The communication and collection of the GPU's is done by me.


After the hardware has also arrived, the construction of the mining rig will be started. It is possible that not all video cards have arrived yet. But we can easily plug them in later!

Ordering the components5

Once all the final video cards are also in and the rig is fully technically built, work will begin on configuring the mining software and the GPU's.


Once the mining rig is finished and has been running stably for some time. It is ready to delivered.

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