Deloitte Internship

In this section, I will discuss my internship experience with Deloitte's cyber team. I will provide an overview of the nature of the issue I was tasked with and the solution I developed.

  • Title of the internship subjectAutomated SIEM / EDR / XDR Reports
  • Shared visionOur shared vision is to develop an efficient program that seamlessly converts data from Excel spreadsheets into visually appealing representations and automatically integrates them into PowerPoint presentations.


What was the challenge that Deloitte was facing which led to this project?

Deloitte's Detect & Respond team, is facing a challenge in generating reports for their clients. These reports are based on data sourced from Deloitte's SIEM/EDR/XDR system. The current process for creating these reports involves manually analyzing data from Excel spreadsheets, creating visual representations, and then inserting these visuals into PowerPoint presentations to share with clients.
  • Time-consuming
  • Labor-intensive
  • Prone to human errors

  • It is crucial for Deloitte to optimize their reporting process to better serve their clients and maintain a competitive edge in the industry. To address this challenge, Deloitte has initiated an internship assignment to develop a program that automates the report generation process.

Plan of approach

When tackling the subject I was tasked with, I came up with a plan of approach for myself. I was determined to finish my internship in three phases.

1Preparation Phase
  • Gathering as much information as possible about the subject and the reporting process.

2Concept Phase
  • Evaluating and comparing different technologies and programming languages to implement our solution.

3Realization Phase
  • Bringing ideas to life using the technology selected during the concept phase.


Here we have a high-level representation of what my solution is supposed to do.


To address the challenge, I developed a solution utilizing various Python libraries. The graphical user interface (GUI) serves as a key component of my solution, enabling seamless interaction. Behind the scenes, the solution involves data manipulation through the import of relevant libraries

I ensured a smooth handover process by compiling my Python script into an executable file and creating a setup program. This allows the script to be run independently on any machine, eliminating the need for specific libraries or a Python installation


Through my solution, I successfully generate a report incorporating pivot tables and charts based on the imported tickets. These visual elements are seamlessly integrated into PowerPoint presentations. Notably, the visuals are dynamically synced, ensuring any changes in the underlying Excel data are automatically reflected in the corresponding PowerPoint visuals.

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